I had one teacher in school that I got on with, he pushed me in his lessons and his lessons were enjoyable. I try to use the same style in my sessions with young people I get to know quickly. There was a really positive youth worker as well who worked with all my mates at the time and got the most out of us and got us involved in things other than football.

I bring a lot of experience having worked at HYPE since 2008 working in many different communities across the Wirral and Liverpool and have worked with literally thousands of young people.

As a teenager when hanging out with my mates, Police were constantly moving us from street corners and out of parks. Having park projects and youth clubs locally would have given me more options to get more involved in positive activities.

Dave has worked as a teacher in secondary schools in Birkenhead since 1997. His background as PE Teacher and in Behavioural Management has enabled him to develop a range of extensive projects for young people within HYPE. As HYPE’s safeguarding officer he works closely with our dedicated team of staff, schools and partner organisations. 

Dave has experience working with young people in USA, China and in recent years with HYPE in South Africa. 

Dave said “I think it is important for myself to be a role model for local youths and lead by example, the local community really do mirror us and thrive in a positive environment”.

Sean said “HYPE values come from a place close to my heart, as a youth not being incredibly academic but more of a creative person, the two hours of Art and one hour of music a week in School were just about the only lessons I enjoyed.

I was starting to fall behind and i was struggling to find direction. At a young age I found a passion in djing and it was the local youth workers that were there to help carve out confidence, opportunity, advice and passion in what I really enjoyed. The local youth club provided a space and apparatus to practice, build confidence and even host my own events at the age of 15.

The tools that the youth club gave me were the fundamentals that started my journey djing that has seen me play in some of the biggest and best clubs in the world holding residencies with some of the biggest clubbing brands in the world.

HYPE has taken what the youth club provided tenfold giving young people so many opportunities and so many platforms to find a direction in to go on their own personal journeys. its an incredible organisation with a very important role and proud to be a part of it.

Rita Bastos

Office Manager

When I was younger, we had more interpersonal action and less technology at our disposal. I made friends with the neighbours and we have grown closer with time because we were given the opportunity to get outside and play with each other. My cousin, who is ten years older than me, was my role model. He would take us to local parks and encourage us to make the most out of the natural resources. 

At HYPE we work to provide the local youth with these same opportunities. We strive to build stronger and more resilient communities where young people have access to tools that will enhance their physical, social and mental health. 

Will Morris

Community Sport

I consider myself incredibly fortunate for the opportunities I've been afforded throughout my life. From a young age, I was blessed to have had exceptional coaches and role models who instilled in me the values of perseverance and leadership. My passion for community development led me to pursue a degree in community coaching at Manchester Metropolitan University, where I gained valuable insights into empowering individuals and fostering inclusive environments.

Spending the past two summers in America, working at a children's summer camp, further fuelled my commitment to youth development. Joining the team at HYPE as the Community Sport and Volunteer Coordinator allows me to make a tangible difference in the community. I lead on projects that give more young people the opportunity to express themselves and discover their potential. Additionally, I'm able to share my experiences from working in America with other young people, encouraging them to pursue their own journeys of growth and self-discovery.

As the NCS coordinator, my work involves designing a varied programme of activities and experiences to engage and benefit young people. Our NCS programmes have ranged from Boxing & Fitness, Football Leaders, Community Leaders, an Eco group and a Heritage programme! 

Being a part of an NCS programme helps to bridge the gap for young people going into adulthood. It is a rewarding experience seeing the impact that our programmes have made, boosting confidence, encouraging independence and providing opportunities. 

From a young age I was always involved in youth activities I grew up in cadets and worked my way up the ranks to a staff sargent helping others and being a good communcative leader. Being the youth club coordinator and Helping young people everywhere has always been my passion and pleasure to be teaching, learning and exploring with children of all ages. Including new adventures with adults of all ages. 

I've been to America working with children aged 7-18, worked in nurseries aged 0-4 and have worked in hype now for 6 years developing strong bonds and relationships with children,  all across Wirral in the youth clubs that Hype provides to children.

I always attended youth clubs and drama groups from Primary School up until Sixth form, and it is through these sessions that I appreciated having opportunities to connect with others, express my ideas and the wide-spread benefit they had on my mental-health. They inspired me to study Community Drama and Applied Theatre at LIPA and where I learnt how to continue the incredible reach youth groups and community hubs like those provided by HYPE, through collaborative social projects and creative workshops.

My role as Activity Coordinator allows me to create and facilitate engaging sessions for children, young people and their families, fostering a supportive environment with encouragement and a variety of activities throughout each day. The foundations of HYPE are built on providing opportunities for all children and young people, no matter their background, and I am proud to be part of a company who help all those who attend to reach their full potential.

Being from the Wirral I’ve been aware of the work HYPE have been doing and was very impressed. The ambition to expand this and do even more is really exciting and I decided it was something I wanted to be a part of.

My role as Schools Coordinator involves offering and helping to deliver HYPE’s services to schools across Merseyside to give kids the opportunity to benefit from what we have to provide them. This includes the sports sessions we run as well as the heritage projects we have to offer.

I believe a lot of my passions tie in with what HYPE strive to provide in the community. I love football and cycling – two of the key sports HYPE focus on delivering sessions in. I’m passionate about helping others and share HYPE’s vision of attempting to create a thriving community and getting more young people active and engaged, both in sports and in educating them about our local area.

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