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What is Vibrant Parks

Introducing Vibrant Parks

The key word which encompasses everything Vibrant Parks stands for is transformation – for the last five years the project has been transforming neglected green spaces within parks, to give them an entirely new lease of life and to benefit the wider community as a whole.

The fundamental goal of the project is to bring a new purpose to forgotten green spaces within parks and to make them a lively part of the surrounding area, which benefits people on many levels.

To make any park a Vibrant Park, it needs the following essential attributes: 

  • Volunteering
  • Social Action
  • Fundraising
  • Young People aged 8-24 years being involved 
  • Community Involvement
  • Positive Activities
  • Partnerships

Turning a vision into reality

The idea for Vibrant Parks came about in 2016 and it has grown and evolved ever since, to become something we are extremely proud of.
It all began when HYPE staff and some of the young people we work with, noticed a disused area which was fenced off within our beloved Birkenhead Park.

We immediately recognised that this overgrown ground would make the perfect location for us to deliver our workshops and following on from a detailed consultation process, we were able to establish that there was a strong desire locally for a space which would enhance the community in numerous ways.

After extensive meetings with the local council, we secured a two year lease (subsequently extended to ten years) and Vibrant Parks was up and running. Our dream of reinvigorating neglected green spaces within parks was soon turned into a reality and our first Vibrant Parks site in Birkenhead Park, now has the combined uses of a garden, wildlife haven and an area for sports and performing arts. 

Since the monumental day when Vibrant Parks was initially founded, we have gone from strength to strength, working with hundreds of teenagers on the NCS schemes and helping to shape the lives of countless young people. 

The journey to creating our outdoor classroom.

We recognised that many local schools were keen to enhance their educational facilities with an outdoor classroom, so HYPE set to work on building one which would simultaneously serve as a place to conduct our fitness workshops and bootcamps during rainy weather. 

Since its creation, the outdoor classroom has proven to be the ideal spot for budding artists and thanks to our partnership with The Pyramids, we collaborated with local artists on creating murals for The Art Wall, completed in summer 2018 by 32 pupils from The Priory Primary School.

The classroom is designed to be an innovative place where youngsters can develop knowledge whilst being in a unique open air environment and it reinforces the values of sustainability and protecting nature too – the rainwater collected from the roof is used to water our plants for example.

The future

We have a clear vision in mind for creating more changemakers in our society and the young people we work with are an integral part of reinforcing ongoing change.  2021 will be a pivotal year for Vibrant Parks and we are completely committed to paving the way for parks all over the world to become involved in our quest.  

Young volunteers who take part in our projects abroad, return to the UK feeling inspired and energised by what they have witnessed and they are crucial to our development by  acting as Vibrant Parks Ambassadors. 

Revitalising disused areas in parks and turning them into spaces which can be repurposed for so many incredible activities is second nature to us and we are excited to see what the next chapter of our story will bring.