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Vibrant Schools

The Vibrant Schools project is designed to educate the pupils about eating healthily, growing and nurturing, but also about the importance of working together collectively to achieve positive outcomes.

This can open up pupils awareness as to the range of play, youth, family and environment work happening locally – and this can have a positive impact on the whole family.

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Enterprise programs

A Big Enterprise Day gives you the opportunity to create a real “enterprise buzz” by taking up to 300 students from a single year group off timetable for the day as they carousel around a series of very different workshops, all drawn from our stock of tried and tested activities.

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Environmental programs

Our focus for 2021 is about trying to get everywhere to come together to Beat Air Pollution, which is now the biggest public health crisis on the planet.

We want to work with our partners in education and youth to take this message into the classroom, campus and community to raise awareness and take action around air pollution, which causes asthma and other respiratory illnesses in young people.

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HYPE can bring local history to life and we have a range of projects students can get involved in. Our Leasowe Lighthouse and Birkenhead Park projects have fully structured programmes including field trips, worksheets, in class and outdoor studies to give students an interactive and engaging way of learning.

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