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Re-cycle project

The Re-Cycle project has been developed to bring communities closer together, through physical exercise and inclusion in a club. The aim of Bike it is to create a sustainable positive community activity that will bring people from all backgrounds, ability, gender and age together.

We aim to increase participation in cycling to promote;

  • Community Inclusion
  • Physical activity
  • Health Benefits
  • Deliver positive holiday clubs for young people
  • Put Wirral cycle routes to use for communities
  • Awareness of green transport
  • Hold regular community events

The club will be led by qualified instructors who will deliver a range of family, fitness, and challenging bike rides for the community. Working together the community will have access to a club that the area does not currently provide.

Benefits from being part of the bike it club include

• Cycle maintenance clinics
• Bike Safety for young people and adults
• Confidence in cycling on the road
• Awareness of cycle routes and traffic free routes

Bike it aims to promote both social and recreational riding to the community. We aim to be inclusive of everyone from beginner to expert and for those who may cycle to the shop or school and those who want to be challenged.

Some communities have issues connecting with other communities, especially across estates. We aim to bring the communities together breaking down barriers especially for young people.

Building stronger communities

Lone and young parents have limited availability to attend positive safe activities of this nature that will also expose them to other members of the community outside of their usual demographic.

Road safety in Wirral is a key issue highlighted by the council and NHS reports. We aim to raise awareness about road safety and provide the skills to young people and the community to be safe when cycling, walking or driving.

Anti social behaviour and young people ‘hanging around’ at priority times is an issue for the communities and local residents. These figures rise in holidays and weekends.

The Re-cycle project crosses several outcomes in its diverse nature and inclusion strategy. We aim to make a difference in the community by creating a project that will

  • Give community cohesion and inclusion
  • Get people active
  • Get people involved in positive activities

Re-cycle aims to build stronger communities by including residents across demographics, generations and geographical boundaries. By providing the networking tools of social media for members and initiating an environment where communication becomes paramount we aim to bring the local and wider communities together.

Developing relationships

By creating a focal point for communities to work together for the Re-cycle project we aim to develop relationships tackling the underlying issues we have identified. Regular news, stories and planning will take place via the social network. The aim is that with different levels of membership which will range from free – where you have access to events and activities, to small fee based memberships for more inclusive information, newsletters, club discounts for products at local retailers etc

Re-Cycle will build a club that is sustainable for the future and will attract more members that hold similar interests.

The target members we aim to include such as young people, lone/young parents, overweight or people with health issues, and non-active community members will benefit from Re-cycle in a variety of ways including getting out and meeting new people in the community.

Volunteers will be invited to take a more active role giving young people and members the opportunity to gain valuable experience, try new tasks and learn new skills in the planning and running of activities.

By its nature Re-cycle is a physical activity project that will provide benefits for people who attend with their health. HYPE runs other courses that we can sign post members to for serious health, smoking or fitness issues which Re-cycle may identify. Bike It activities will include a range of rides from leisure family rides that may be short and relaxing, to group targeted rides for fitness or challenges.

Groups will include- Women Only/Men Only/Young People/Lone/Young Parents/Over 50s

Participation in the project will provide members with benefits such as:

  • Health, participation in regular physical activity will improve health
  • Mental wellbeing, by being part of the club, meeting new people, taking new challenges we aim to increase confidence, wellbeing and community relationships.
  • Re-Cycle has proved successful in Woodchurch, Leasowe and now Central Birkenhead.

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