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Primary Schools

Healthy Living & Community Links – the roles of Local Schools:

Key to all successful and high achieving schools is the need to focus and deliver activities to pupils, which enable:

  • Enhanced Healthy Schools status: healthy and active lifestyles, through activities which promote informed health choices by pupils
  • Good working relationships with parents/carers and family members – providing opportunities for all families to get involved with school activities where possible
  • Activities which can be targeted to support specific groups of vulnerable pupils and their specific needs: to build resilience; to promote healthy relationships and communication between them and other pupils and family members; to support the most excluded: those with physical and mental health disabilities; young carers; pupil premium plus pupils; looked after and kinship children.
  • Inter-generational work and increased confidence and self-esteem: through shared activities such as gardening and crafts
  • Raised aspirations: through activities which open children’s eyes to their local neighbourhoods: through linkages with community organisations and services

We also believe that primary schools are in a prime position to work closely with neighbourhood based groups and organisations. We are able to link children and young people with community activities and expand their world beyond simply the playground and home settings.

This can open up pupils awareness as to the range of play, youth, family and environment work happening locally – and this can have a positive impact on the whole family.

Our Menu:

We can deliver from a menu of activities including:

  • Art & crafts
  • Dance
  • Sport – a huge variety
  • Healthy Eating/cookery courses
  • Gardening/Nature work to name just a few

Our Kit/Resources:

We don’t come empty handed. As an established organisation, we own a huge array of kit and equipment to enable our activities to be fun and safe. Kit includes the following: a cage for football; a large outdoor inflatable ‘room’ for many types of activities; arts and crafts resources.

Our Offer:

Our team has the expertise and experience to be able to work with you to deliver around a wide range of activities, in a variety of formats – accessing funds to deliver these. We deliver through varied formats including:

  • After School Clubs / Breakfast Clubs in school premises
  • Holiday Courses – again in schools premises, offering a wide range of activities
  • Themed activities: single activities to meet a specific need identified by the school (may be for a specific group of pupils)
  • Trips – either walking or on transport – to a range of local/regional venues
  • Whole school events: involving families and/or communities coming together to celebrate
  • Consultations with children and young people and/or their family members

Park Inner Park

From January 2017 schools across Wirral will be able apply to take advantage of HYPE’s innovative new sessions that run from the Park Inner Park Project in Birkenhead Park.

The detail and structure of each course is comprehensive and children get to learn so many new skills, acquire new knowledge, whilst having fun and benefitting the community.

Your pupils can learn and make a difference to their community. HYPE has been working with schools since 2008 delivering many programmes helping children of all ages engage in learning.

Recently we have redeveloped a piece of wasteland in Birkenhead Park providing an incredible opportunity for children to learn in a positive environment in each of our dedicated outdoor areas, which are:

• Learning • Growing • Sports • Entertainment • Woodland


What do the courses cover?

There are 6 courses and throughout each one children will work in every area within the garden. Sessions last for 2 hours and run for 4 consecutive weeks. Due to the size and set up of our park we can accommodate a maximum of 2 classes per session.

Creative Locality

Bringing Together Geography, Art, Drama and Creative Writing, students will look at the environment we live in through mapping, storytelling, natural cycles and environmental science. Sessions will equip children with a new way of looking at the world and help them creatively express the information they perceive.

Environment & Design

Here we look at the relationship between man-made products and nature. By encouraging children’s imagination, creativity and resourcefulness we investigate repurposing waste products, designing natural habitats and how bio mimicry works to understand how we could improve our school environment with what we learn.

Imagination & Discovery

Learning to use imagination to discover solutions to local problems we will equip children with knowledge to make real change in their communities. Exploring what inspiration is and where it comes from, this course helps children acquire evidence and use it to make positive changes to their environment – drawing up plans and ideas to make where we live better.

Food Grows

Understanding how food arrives on your plate means knowing how it’s grown commercially and how far food travels. HYPE’s garden space is perfect to help children understand the biology of food, the environmental impact of providing food and how we can grow it ourselves. We will design our own gardens at home and in school, learning how to look after plants and work in harmony with nature.

The culture of Mathematics

Teaching children basic maths principles whilst experiencing it alongside the great civilizations is an amazing way to learn. We will look to solve puzzles whilst immersing children in the early cultures of Mesopotamian sexagesimal systems, Greek Geometry, the Chinese ‘Nine Chapters on the Mathematical Art’ and Medieval Maths amongst others.

Learn to Play (Leading Sports)

Delving into the world of games and sport we look at what it takes to play. Here we explore how the human body works including physiology, nutrition and brain function. What goes into making really good games? We explore the rules, equipment, design and how to organise our own sporting event.