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Our Impact

For every £100 invested in HYPE we achieve a social return of £601

HYPE delivers a range of youth activities tailor made to young people and the variety of barriers they face.

We specialise in supporting young people aged between 7 and 24 years, who are living in neighbourhoods of high deprivation and where there are limited opportunities.

Through realising the impact of what we do, HYPE has set 3 impact goals:

  1. to create more opportunities for young people
  2. to support young people to reach their potential
  3. to strengthen local communities


Committed To UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

HYPE has also committed to working towards 4 of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG), which aim to eradicate poverty and strengthening economic, social and environmental development.

Positive effect on the quality of young people’s lives – HYPE’s 2014 Social Impact Report

You can see a clear progression line between our 2014 Social Impact Report and 2017  report.

Our 2014 report was commissioned to explore the effectiveness of HYPE’s services for the quality of life for young people living in the Wirral region. The initial aim of the research report was to provide an accurate account of the ways in which HYPE services affect the quality of life of young people living in the Wirral region.

The results that have been presented so far show there has been a consensual agreement that HYPE is providing a positive effect on the quality of life of the young people living across Wirral.

A vast amount of positive responses of how HYPE is outcome focused within their approach were discovered, numerous examples have been given;

  • Community Oriented
  • Promotes Healthy Lifestyles
  • Service- User led
  • Encouragement
  • Motivation
  • Technique
  • Provides a place of safety
  • Builds friendships
  • The right staff
  • Promotes sports activities