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NHS Urban Bikes

Saving hard earned money

The main reasons cited for wanting access to one of the donated bikes were to save money, after some staff reported using 30 percent of their weekly wage to pay for taxis due to the current limited availability of public transport, to save time and allow them to spend more time with their family rather than waiting at bus stops and train stations and to improve their own health and general fitness.

Raising £20,000 to donate bikes for NHS

HYPE is now inviting other NHS workers from Merseyside to apply for a bike and has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise £20,000 to help it deliver even more bikes to members of the 50,000+ NHS staff community across the region.

The bike donations will allow recipients to travel for free and avoid having to use public transport while travelling to work during the outbreak. It is also hoped that the campaign will encourage frontline workers and the wider community to use cycling as a way of staying fit and healthy.

All money raised from the crowdfunding campaign will be spent on buying more bikes and repairing those donated by the public, ready to be provided to brave NHS workers across Merseyside.


“Showing our appreciation”

Matthew Houghton, Chief Executive at HYPE Merseyside, said: “We believe that the NHS staff working tirelessly across the region in the face of the COVID-19 outbreak are true heroes, the real ‘pride of Merseyside’ and we wanted to find a way to show our appreciation and help them during this crisis.

“Providing 100 bikes from our existing fleet was an immediate and obvious way that we could help. However, it quickly became clear that the demand was far greater than our initial supply.

“With the help of the people of Merseyside, we can use our network and expertise to go even further and source more bikes, providing more frontline workers with free, healthy and safe transport.”

NHS Urban Bikes

How to donate money or a bike

Members of the public can support HYPE Merseyside’s campaign by either making a donation via the crowdfunding page https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/bikes-for-nhs or contacting them directly to donate any unwanted bikes that they may have. The organisation will be collecting unwanted bikes from homes across the region throughout April and May.

To apply for a bike

If you work for the NHS in Merseyside you can apply here https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/NHSbikes

NHS nurse cycling to work