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Kick-Art UK

#KickArt Challenge

Kick Art Challenge is a new project  to encourage our children and young people to take part in a fun, exciting online-based social competition which focusses on getting active and being creative.

We engage children by combining art with health & fitness through football – and link everything up with interesting international footballing cultures as our main overarching themes, so that we can continually evolve the project and explore other countries across the world through art and sport.

Through July & August 2020 we’re providing a platform for children to enjoy have fun and learn.

Round 1 – Brazil

In the first round, to win a traditional Brazilian street soccer (futsal) ball or Neymar Brazil kit, that will arrive at your doorstep, all you need to do is…

  1. Produce a colourful, vibrant poster of your favourite parts of Brazilian life – whether it’s a people, places, culture, nature or footballing hero. Take a picture of it when you’re done, ready to send in!
  2. Or get your parents or guardian to go outside with you and take a quick video (less than 30 seconds) that shows us your best tricks and football skills. Whether it’s keepy-ups, trick shots or moves that Ronaldinho would be proud of…
  3. Fill out a quick 1-minute application form so we know where to deliver your futsal football if you win. You can find it here
  4. Go online to Facebook and submit your poster and football skills video by posting into our #KickArtChallenge group

Kick-Art Objectives

  • To deliver online activities which encourage practicing art and football to engage children and young people in being creative and working with their family members and siblings.
  • Provide a platform for young people to improve their knowledge and skills in a range of settings through football and culture
  • Enable young people to be active and engaged in positive activities whilst in lockdown due to Covid-19

Target Audience

  • Infants 3-7 years
  • Primary 8-11 years
  • Secondary 11-16 years

Kick Art will run throughout July & August

Project Delivery

Competitions will be launched throughout May, asking for skills and drawings to be sent to our Facebook Group as described opposite.

During the first two weeks in May, our focus is on the country Brazil.

Art – Images of favourite Brazilian footballers, flags, beach soccer etc. drawn onto pieces of A4 paper

Football Skills – Brazilian skills replicated by HYPE staff encouraging young people to replicate in their homes or back yards/gardens.

Winners will be announced every fortnight, per age group with football related gifts being delivered to winner’s home addresses on the day of confirmation.

Week 1-2 Brazil Week 5-6 Argentina Week 9-10 Belgium
Week 3-4 Portugal Week 7-8 England Week 11-12 France