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Key to all successful and high achieving schools is the need to focus and deliver activities to pupils that develop self-esteem and confidence and raise aspirations. HYPE has a range of courses delivered by experienced staff to support schools and engage students.

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Empty spaces

Empty spaces create opportunities. Whether it is land in need of a bit of tender loving care or a shop in need of sprucing up we have a number of projects that not only breath life into the community, but give young people the chance to take ownership and pride in creating something new.

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From Youth Clubs to Saturday morning clubs and trips to holiday transition programmes HYPE provides plenty of opportunities for young people to have fun, get active and gain confidence.

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Wirral’s leading not-for-profit youth organisation, HYPE, looks to encourage budding Alan Sugars to think about their community, use the skills they already have, work in small groups of friends or family and set themselves achievable timescales of one day, one week or one month.

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HYPE's environment programmes are for students of all ages. Improving the environment, recycling, getting active, growing your own food, creating new games are just some of the many learning and creative activities students and schools can get involved in.

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Challenging, rewarding, life changing, and exciting, HYPE's Experience programmes will really make a difference to your life. Our programmes will help you develop life skills, experience new places, maybe even new countries and you'll make new friends for life. As well as this these experiences will boost your CV and career.

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