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Go Green and Donate Today

Go Green and Donate Today

Are you and your family nature lovers? Why not purchase some our items to make the most out of your outside space and get creative with them. They have all been handmade by our apprentices using unwanted wood from a local timber yard.

Our wooden planters are a staple for your outside space and great way to add a feature to your patio, garden or balcony. They can be used to grow your favourite vegetables, herbs and flowers.

Make your outdoor space a safe haven for your garden birds with one of our birdboxes. From Blue Tits to House sparrows, having a bird box will attract different birds for them to return to year after year.

You can make your garden hedgehog-friendly with a hedgehog home. They will provide them with shelter to rest during the day and hibernate through the winter.

All the items come with free delivery and bundles are also available, which are great if you’re just starting out!

How to order?

Simply choose which of our items you’d like and how many from our form below and we’ll deliver for free.

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