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A Big Enterprise Day gives you the opportunity to create a real “enterprise buzz” by taking up to 300 students from a single year group off timetable for the day as they carousel around a series of very different workshops, all drawn from our stock of tried and tested activities.

Designed to be experienced in any sequence, while still providing a coherent insight into our 5Rs Enterprise Framework (Relationships, Resourcefulness, Risk-taking, Resilience and Reflection), a Big Enterprise Day allows you to create your own menu of workshops and you can see some examples below.

Example Workshops

  • Enterprise and Me … enabling students to explore ways in which they currently use enterprise skills – and how that can get better at this …
  • Enterprise by Design … challenging young people to come up with new and unique products – and market them …
  • Enterprise in Action … bringing the stock exchange to school as small teams bring their enterprise skills to bear in trading …
  • Patterns of Enterprise … promoting the ability to identify, analyse and predict patterns …
  • Adventures in Enterprise … challenging students ability to prioritise – then rethink in the light of unexpected events!

All of these activities are also available as stand-alone workshops, to be delivered to a number of groups over the course of a single day.


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