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Enterprise Sweet Shop


We officially launched our new premises in the South Lodge of the Grand Entrance to Birkenhead Park on 6 April 2019.

A highlight of the launch was the opening of a traditional Victorian sweet shop within the Grand Entrance where children and adults alike were able to step back in time and experience scenes and tastes from the past to purchase old-fashioned sweets served in the old-fashioned way. Rows of colourful, tall jars will be filled with traditional varieties such as pear drops, barley sugar, pineapple chunks and rhubarb and custard. Family members young and old are now able to enjoy picking their favourite sweets and watching them weighed out in the ‘old fashioned way’ by shop assistants in Victorian dress.

Until Victorian times sweets and confectionery were hand-made luxury items only for royalty or wealthy aristocrats. Technological advances during the industrial revolution lowered prices for refined sugar and allowed sweets and confectionary to be produced in volume. As more people came to enjoy sweets the Victorians invented more and more varieties and most of our modern sweets were introduced at this time, including chewing gum!


The shop will be run by volunteers and will be open on the last Saturday and Sunday in every month from 12pm till 4pm, including school holidays. There is no admission fee.

Customers for HYPE’s new Victorian experiences will be drawn mainly from participants in an extensive programme of activities for young people and families designed to support healthy lifestyles and learning while having fun. For others, having the opportunity to purchase old-fashioned sweets, served in the old-fashioned way, is just another reason for visiting this beautiful Park.

Schools have the opportunity to access the sweet shop and utilise lessons delivered by HYPE teaching staff that work on a range of topics such as measurements, weights, net and gross profit. The lessons provide ks1 and ks2 pupils with an opportunity to see how a real sweet shop operates.