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Enterprise 2016

Hedgerow Fund

In April 2016 HYPE acquired a piece of wasteland in Birkenhead Park to develop projects for schools and the local community. So far a number of successful projects have been delivered and the wasteland area is taking shape. We would like to protect the land by planting hedge rows and have developed a great ECO project idea which is perfect for Christmas. So we have come up with the ‘Hedge Row Enterprise fund’.

‘Hedge Row Enterprise Fund’

HYPE has created the ‘Hedge Row Enterprise Fund’ specifically for primary schools across the Wirral supporting teachers and pupils to develop and sell their own enterprise products and items.Schools across Wirral will compete to see who can raise the most funds to buy a length of hedge. The school that has the longest hedge by the end of the term will be declared the winner.

How will the Hedge Row Enterprise fund work?

Each week schools will make and sell their chosen product to try to gain the longest hedgerow. Products can be sold through the school and the team at HYPE are organising a big Christmas Fair in December where all schools can make a final push to sell as many products as possible.

The HYPE Christmas Fair

HYPE will collect the merchandise from schools on 16th December 2016 to add to our Christmas chalet in Birkenhead Park. From 17th December the HYPE team will be selling the merchandise all week. On 21st December all primary schools involved will arrive at HYPE’s Park Inner Park Project. This will be an amazing day with Christmas Carols, campfire, crafts, stalls and refreshments and a parade to the grotto to visit Father Christmas.

Parents can collect children or come along for the afternoon. HYPE will count up all the sales from the previous 8 weeks and announce the winning school and distance of hedge. Invites to all schools involved will be handed out for hedge planting days in January 2017.

Get in involved

To get involved Contact the team at HYPE on 0779171833 or email enquiries@hype-merseyside.co.uk. We’ll get you booked in for the Hedge Fund Enterprise Day and ensure you are kept up-to-date with all activities.

Get involved in the latest Youth Enterprise project…

The project is aimed at young people aged 11-24 years who feel they have an enterprise idea or a skill to develop an enterprise project. HYPE staff will work with secondary schools across the Wirral to ensure all young people are aware of the project and what support is available to them if they are successful with their application.

There will be a number of workshops taking place across Wirral during April and May to help support the young people that have been successful in applying to the Youth Enterprise Project. At the workshops the young people and HYPE’s tutors will discuss next steps as an individual and as a team and how they can develop their skills and products further.

Interested? Good! Now get involved – email us at enquiries@hype-merseyside.co.uk, like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter

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