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Enterprise 2015

The Football cage – a mobile, custom-designed, cage for up to four people to play football in – was also developed by HYPE and local joiners after feedback from youngsters in the summer and unveiled in October last year.

But what exactly IS the Football Cage? Where did it come from? And just how can you go about having a go in it?

The Cage is just that. A cage for playing football in – either one against one or two against two (there are goals built in). Five metres wide and made up of 16 panels, we reckon it’s the biggest in the North West, and, vitally, it can be put up anywhere there is enough room. A school playground, a patch of land, a park.



What’s also brilliant about the Cage is that it’s not just for the players inside it. Each match can last as long as you want but while it’s happening there’s tons of space around the outside for everybody else to watch while they are waiting to play.

The idea came about in summer 2014 during our Youth Enterprise initiative in Birkenhead, in which HYPE worked with young people from nine to 19, on projects from selling hand-stitched clothes to home-made candles.

HYPE’s staff and volunteers are an enthusiastic lot but we like to ask the people we’re working for – that’s you if you’re between 9 and 24 and live in Merseyside – what you want. So we did. And the answer came back loud and clear: Get us somewhere to play football. A Football Cage would be good.

So we looked into it and then found a local welding company to make one. Simple as.

Since then, the Cage has been all over the place. We’ve used it in HYPE’s youth clubs across Wirral, outside shops, in secondary schools, at birthday parties, for fundraising initiatives at local clubs …  we could go on.

We know that football, and playing it, is the most important thing in the world for a lot of the young people in Merseyside. We also know that for whatever reason there are not enough pitches or venues to play on – or that they cost way too much to be an option. If you are one of those young people then the Cage is for you, and that is why it pretty much sums what HYPE is all about – because HYPE is for you too.

If you fancy having a go in one – and who wouldn’t? – then get yourself along to one of our youth clubs in Woodchurch, Birkenhead, Rock Ferry or Bidston. If you want to hire it for your own club or event then we can do that too – just email us at enquiries@hype-merseyside.co.uk and we’ll get back to you.

Get involved…

The project is aimed at young people aged 11-24 years who feel they have an enterprise idea or a skill to develop an enterprise project. HYPE staff will work with secondary schools across the Wirral to ensure all young people are aware of the project and what support is available to them if they are successful with their application.

There will be a number of workshops taking place across Wirral during April and May to help support the young people that have been successful in applying to the Youth Enterprise Project. At the workshops the young people and HYPE’s tutors will discuss next steps as an individual and as a team and how they can develop their skills and products further.

Interested? Good! Now get involved – email us at enquiries@hype-merseyside.co.uk, like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter

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