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Community Dog Show

Wirral’s talented dogs

Recognising the talents of Wirral’s favourite four-legged friends and HYPE’s fun community dog show is open to any dog of any breed to give all a chance. So if you think your dog is the best puppy, veteran, crossbreed or simply has the most appealing eyes or the waggiest tail then our dog shows are just the thing!

HYPE’s Community Dog show is an event open to any dog of any breed to give all a chance. We have prizes for a wide range of breeds and types of dogs, including some of the more popular pedigrees but will be open to any variety with an open competition in categories:

Prize Categories

  • Puppy – Any breed (6 – 12 months)
  • Yearling – Any breed (12 – 24 months)

Along with a number of Novelty Classes such as:

  • Best Veteran – Any breed (7 years and over)
  • Best Crossbreed
  • Best Rescue Dog – Any dog that has come from an animal shelter.
  • Most Handsome Dog
  • Prettiest Bitch
  • Most Appealing Eyes
  • Waggiest Tail
  • Loudest Dog
  • Hungriest Dog
  • Best tricks

Dog Agility Classes

A key fun element of our shows is the dog agility classes where owners are invited to let their dogs have a try-out at various challenges such as walking over hurdles or in and out of sticks and so on. All dog shows run for 20 minutes approx from The Grand Entrance Birkenhead Park.

When are the next shows?

  • Sunday 10 April 2022
  • 10.30am, 11.30am, 12.30pm

How do I get involved?

To enter your dog please fill in the form below:

Wirral Dog Show Entry Form