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Birkenhead Boot Camp!

This week HYPE’s laurel hedge was planted in our ‘Park Inner Park.’ This enables our staff team to get cracking on the nature trail which will educated hundreds of young people about bio diversity and local wildlife. It might not look like much now… but by next year it will be four times the size and provide homes for insects and birds next Spring.


April 2017- Re-development of the Woodchurch plot

Great news for Woodchurch residents as HYPE and Magenta housing have agreed to partner together to develop a disused green space on the housing estate.

At present, the plot is overgrown with a lot of waste that will be removed by the HYPE team. Planning will commence with the support of the local community, and our next step is to hold a local consultation to identify the needs and wants of the local community. HYPE will deliver our plan for the space with help from local young people.

March 2017- New Growth, New Beginnings

This month planting in our ‘Park Inner Park’ begun. We had over 70 pupils from 10 different schools come down to the park and help us on our enterprise-planting-day. With the support of the Hedgerow Fund the children had been involved in the fundraising process from the very beginning, so we thought it only right to involve them in the hands-on planting!

We would also like to welcome our new member of staff, Liam, who’ll be working as our Greenspace Outdoor Coordinator. He will work on improving and maintaining HYPE’s green spaces, with the aim to become an official HYPE apprentice in 2018. This is Liam’s first ‘proper’ job, and we’re excited to see how he develops in the role!

February 2017- Cape Town Visit

February 2017 Cape Town Visit

HYPE’s Managing Director Matthew Houghton made a visit to Cape Town with the aim of developing international links between our ‘Park Inner Park’ in Birkenhead, and Nantes Park in Cape Town.

HYPE Launches brand new website

To celebrate the start of the New Year 2017 HYPE is launching a brand new site featuring more courses, more photos, more videos, more activities and we will be expanding this throughout the year to include many more features.

January 2017: HYPE team meeting

This month the HYPE team got together to discuss many of the projects that will be continuing into 2017 but just as important the new projects that HYPE will be involved in delivering this year.

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