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Art for us

Case study: Kian

Age: 13

Name of Project: Art For Us

Link to Strategy:  Young people involved in Street Art Project that develops their art skills using street art and graffiti within their youth club and on a community building.

Aim of project: To engage young people in an art project that supports their skills and techniques in art. Also gives the young people real work skills when painting a youth community centre with a local painting organisation.


  • Presentation skills – working on and presenting their own art piece for selection for the main piece of work.
  • Communication Skills – when speaking within the group to decide what logos, signs should be used on the building.
  • Volunteering – young people to volunteer their time to help maintain a local community centre and work within a team to paint the whole building.

“The workshops were decent and gave me confidence to do the main piece. It will be boss when the whole building is done by us.”