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Alternative Curriculum

Delivering successful results

Key to all successful and high achieving schools is the need to focus and deliver activities to pupils, which enable:

  • Activities which can be targeted to support specific groups of vulnerable pupils and their specific needs: to build resilience; to promote healthy relationships and communication between them and other pupils and family members; to support the most excluded: those with physical and mental health disabilities; young carers; pupil premium plus pupils; looked after and kinship children.
  • Inter-generational work and increased confidence and self-esteem: through shared activities such as gardening and crafts
  • Raised aspirations: through activities which open children’s eyes to their local neighbourhoods: through linkages with community organisations and services

Enhancing pupils’ skills and experience

Our team has the expertise and experience to be able to work with each group to deliver a wide range of activities, in a variety of formats to enhance the pupil skills and experience in areas they may have not worked in before. We deliver through varied formats and will aim each group towards being able to plan, prepare and take part in some of the chosen areas;

  • Breakfast and After School Clubs- including ‘Health @ HYPE’
  • Holiday Courses
  • Heritage at HYPE- educational courses inspired by historic local landmarks
  • ‘Dr Bike’ and cycle skills sessions
  • Themed activities- single activities to meet a specific need identified by the school
  • Trips and visit days
  • Community events- involving families and/or communities coming together to celebrate
  • Green Space Redevelopment- partner to transform your school grounds


Qualifications – Identified and gained throughout the summer term.
Work Experience – That is related to their interest levels and skills they already possess.
Outdoor Education – Working in three locations within the vicinity of Birkenhead Park.
Creative Learning – Encouraging each group of students to think outside the box and plan their own projects.
Role Models – When working with younger peers towards the end of the project.
Sense of ownership – To see the impact their projects have had on the young people they work with.