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About Us

As a young person, HYPE Chief Executive Matthew Houghton found that there was a lack of activities on offer for children to enjoy during the school holidays and it became his dream to change that when he grew up.

Back in 2007 that dream became a reality when HYPE was founded, which stands for ‘Helping Young People Everywhere’ – the principle which lies at the very heart of what we do.

With the initial concept of delivering workshops for teenagers in deprived areas during school holidays (when anti-social behaviour is statistically at its highest), HYPE has continually grown ever since that first year.

HYPE’s debut workshops were supported by Expanding Horizons (Erasmus partners) and they made such a big impact on the wider community and the young people who attended them, that it rapidly became our goal to change as many young lives as possible.

From that point onward, HYPE continued to provide holiday workshops as well as activities which utilised community centres, empty shops, and in primary and secondary schools.

2016 saw another milestone for HYPE, when we envisioned a plan to enhance neglected parks with the help of volunteers within the community, with the aim of giving a new lease of life to parks not only on a local scale, but also internationally.

Since the first day when HYPE was created, our small but highly effective team of eight members of staff, three directors and 3 advisory board members have sought to bring about positive change.

We start by looking at the future, by educating young people at a grass roots level and inspiring them to be an instrumental part of looking after their community.

We have achieved so much already and we have a strategy in place which will enable HYPE to reach more young people and most importantly to inspire them to be a part of something.

Building a stronger community through the principles of togetherness, kindness and social responsibility has never been more important than it is now and at HYPE we are working directly with young people to identify the areas where they can contribute to changing the environment around them for the better.

All of our projects and workshops have been specifically designed to promote a healthy and cohesive community which is built on kindness and respect.

We understand that educating our younger generations with positive values eventually leads to a better future for everybody. By implementing our programmes of productive activities, we steer youngsters away from choosing potentially damaging paths such as antisocial behaviour and crime.

Since HYPE was formed, we have used our extensive expertise to transform the lives of disadvantaged children and young people in the Merseyside region, empowering them and introducing them to a broad landscape of opportunities. We strive to fulfil our objective of being Merseyside’s catalyst for social change, inspiring young people and opening the door to a new mindset and new opportunities.