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About Us

HYPE was setup in 2007 to deliver workshops for teenagers in deprived wards during school holidays. There was an unmet need for this and during the school holidays anti-social behaviour is at its highest.

HYPE’s first workshops supported by Expanding Horizons (Erasmus partners) made a big impact in each community and on the young people that attended them.

After the holiday workshops delivery then took HYPE into community centres, empty shops, primary and secondary schools and in 2016 HYPE started to enhance neglected parks and deliver within parks locally and internationally.

HYPE’s small but effective team of 8 staff, 3 directors and 3 members on the advisory board continue to be innovative and reach more children and young people each year.



Why the community needs us

HYPE work with young people directly within local communities, together we identify things within the local areas that young people feel can make a change to the quality of life for those within the community.

Improving the community

We plan and deliver projects and workshops to best meet the identified needs to promote a healthy and more cohesive community.

Leading a better future

HYPE work to provide young people with productive activities as an alternative to an antisocial way of life and lead to a better future for those involved.


HYPE is a catalyst, using experience and networking to transform the lives of disadvantaged children and young people. We develop, fund and support learning programmes at every stage of a young persons development regardless of social background. HYPE transforms the landscape of opportunities for young people.


Enable and empower young people to achieve their ambitions and aspirations, who recognise the value of supporting their local communities to bring about positive changes.


Merseyside’s CATALYST for social change, TRANSFORMING the lives of young people. Opening doors to EXPERIENCE and opportunities improving their lives and COMMUNITIES.